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Ready to hear some harsh truths? 

It's Okay if you're not.

Most people don't like the truth.

They much prefer the fairy tales a lot of Internet gurus like to tell.

They like to feel they're learning from a celebrity. Someone with money and fame and influence and thousands of raving fans.

And even the ones who don't totally believe the BS, they at least feel better knowing they're not alone -- that there are thousands of other lemmings following the leader.

There's safety in numbers.

Or so they think.

Wait... Is this the podcasting course?

Yes. It is.

But before we talk podcasting, I want you to know how and why this course is different.

This course isn't for everyone.

It's not for the guru followers.

It's not for people who buy into the hype.

It's for independent thinkers.

And problem solvers.

It's for people who expect to work hard.

And for people who refuse to quit the minute they encounter the smallest setback.

If you're one of them, you can close this browser tab now and head on over to your favorite guru's site to count the zeros on his monthly income tally.

So how are you different?

I'm glad you asked.

And to explain how I'm different and how this course is different, I'm going to discuss three big myths -- call them Lies if you dare -- that are hugely popular on the Internet today.

Let's start with the first of these myths...

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